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As a little girl in the 1990’s, Ariel was obsessed with flowers and dolls, but there was nothing on the market that combined the two. So, her mother, Marylou, who also happens to be the first designer to focus on sustainability and organic cotton in the USA, made a little flower doll for Ariel to play with. Ariel loved it so much that she requested more friends be made. Marylou added lavender to the dolls so that after play time was over, Ariel could feel soothed, and calm, and wind down easily at bedtime.  

It was not until 2020, when the pandemic had Ariel cleaning out her closets, that her own child discovered her old “Petal Pals” and insisted on snuggling with them at nap time. Ariel noticed that her little ones not only started having better naps, but they loved acting out how bees help pollinate the flowers, and pretended they were growing them in their “gardens”. They became a staple in their imaginative play, as well as at snuggle time. That is when Ariel called her mother and decided they had to reinvent the dolls. 

And so, the mother-daughter duo launched their Petal Pals doll business in 2022 and are thrilled to have the opportunity to teach other little ones about their connection to the natural world and make imaginative play tools that give back to the earth. 


At Petal Pals, we believe that what we teach our kids about the world is the best way we can make a positive impact on the planet. While plastics fill our landfills and oceans, we know there is a better way to make toys that will not harm our beautiful earth or the animals existing on it.  

Our dolls are made of organic cotton fabric, which helps protect our very important pollinator friends, such as bees, because we are not using pesticides that are killing them at alarming rates. The PET trim we use helps keep plastic out of the ocean. The filler we use is entirely biodegradable, and can be reabsorbed by the earth, breaking down the way nature intends.

Our Petal Pal dolls are handmade with love by local women sewers in Asheville NC, and we use only the highest quality goods. We stand by manufacturing in the USA, where we can maintain a lower carbon footprint and build fair wage jobs within the states.

Finally, we created the dolls to have differing ethnicities so that every child can identify with them and relate on an individual level. In this sense, each child can see themselves in nature and better explore their relationship to the earth. Diversity is beautiful, and we want this crucial message to resonate with our children. 

When you purchase our products, you are changing the way toys are made, and teaching others to buy consciously. Thank you for caring.

Ariel & Marylou