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Petal Pals | Vega Violet


"Welcome! I’m Vega Violet, and I most enjoy helping others find balance in their lives. It’s important to stay open to growth and change, and it's important to realize we are never just one thing. We can be so many things at once, so you never have to limit yourself. When I first bloom in spring, I’m a tender and graceful sort of flower. But when I bloom again in late summer, I’m on a mission to ensure my survival and I’m more aggressive about pursuing my goals. In a way, I’m constantly reinventing myself, and you can too! In Native American culture there is a Iroquois legend that violets are born as a monument to true love and bravery. But I think the bravest thing you can do is love yourself. So, go on a quest to learn about all the things you do or do not enjoy by trying new activities, and allow yourself to transform. There is never just one way to blossom, and that is where the harmony is.

  • Soft, organic cotton knit fabric from the USA comprises my stem and removable skirt
  • Recycled PET fabric create my leaves and petals
  • Nontoxic dyes form my lovely face
  • I am sewn with fairness and love in Asheville, NC
  • My relaxing scent comes from real Lavender
  • My comfy feel comes from the biodegradable flaxseeds inside my stem (but don’t ingest any of my contents)
  • I stand 11 inches Tall
  • Intended for ages 3+

    Our dolls are made of organic cotton fabric, which helps protect our very important pollinator friends, such as bees, because we are not using pesticides that are killing them at alarming rates. The PET trim we use helps keep plastic out of the ocean. The filler we use is entirely biodegradable, and can be reabsorbed by the earth and break down the way things are meant to.

    We know our Petal Pals are not cheap because we do not pay cheap labor, and we use only the highest quality goods. We stand by manufacturing in the USA, where we can maintain a lower carbon footprint and build fair wage jobs within the states.

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